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When purchasing a used motor vehicle almost everyone "falsely believes" that the number of miles on the odometer of a vehicle has something to do with how many miles are left on that vehicle. It is the number of miles that are remaining on the vehicle that is what you are really interested in purchasing.

Karnutz Thinker

What's miles got to do with it?

Karnutz.com has created a marketing "niche" for those customers who are willing to think about the mileage thing and do something about it. I do not think anyone could say it with more clarity than one of our customers, William DiPaolo, does in the letter below.

David, There are a million other things I should be doing, but I wanted to take a second to tell you how happy I am that I “discovered” you, and how pleased I am with my “new” BMW.

Rachel and I decided to buy a used vehicle because I was tired of turning in leased cars every three years and having nothing to show for it. Cars are so expensive I assumed I would either be forced to lease for the rest of my life, or would end up driving something I had to settle for. Ha you showed me how to drive the car I really, wanted, for the price of the used car I would have to settle for. Before I met you, I would have never believed it possible.

When I first pulled up to Truesports Car Co. I didn't know you personally nor had I ever heard of Karnutz.com. Yet after we talked for a few minutes, I knew something different was happening. First you showed me a gorgeous car – spotless inside and out. Yes the car had 148,000 miles, and yes I immediately thought “Aww.. too bad. OK, what else ya' got?. What I didn't expect was to discover how little I knew about buying used cars.

You talked not about buying that car, but about what I should look for in a used car. Why buying the “right” car made sense, and why the number on the odometer didn't. It slowly dawned on me how much psychological impact the physical number on the odometer had on me- and why millions of people pay way too much to simply avoid dealing with it.

David, over the months you have proven to be a man of your word—and then some. I hope you will show this letter to someone who was as anxious as I was about buying a car with nearly 150k on the odometer. Let this letter be assurance that you stand by every word you say. As I've told you before, if every auto dealership ran with the same principals as Karnutz.com, car buying would be a whole lot more rewarding.

Oh... please don't forget about my wife Rachel. Now she's got her heart set on one of your "new" cars, too!

Thanks!! William DiPaolo