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"All machinery is on an irresistible march to the junk heap, and while repairs may prolong its existence, its demise is inevitable." Samuelson Accounting Textbook
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Operating costs: Where does your car dollar go?

Runzheimer International broke down, by percentage, the costs of operating an automobile. Surprise, gasoline is NOT your biggest expense!

“American drivers often seem fixated on prices at the pump because it is such a visible portion of the total car expense,” said Larry Snyder, a VP at the consulting firm, Runzheimer International. “ Depreciation and financing are a much larger expense, and insurance now consumes nearly the same amount of your automotive dollar as gas.“

  • Depreciation and interest 55.7%
  • Gasoline 16.5%
  • Insurance 15.1%
  • Maintenance 6.8%
  • Tires 2.6%

“When a consumer spends or borrows countless dollars to purchase a newer vehicle, for whatever the reason, it could be said at the time they had more money than brains. If after its' purchase that same individual has the means to maintain it properly and does so that vehicle starts looking like a very good value as its price drops towards zero. We specialize in these exceptional mostly depreciated automobiles. We believe when purchasing a used motor vehicle the “sharpest consumers” are those individuals who understand this economic reality and do something about it. If you are one of those “rare individuals” we can help you.” David H. Trueman

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